The 23 Best Ways To Make Money Online Without Paying Anything (2022)




1. Begin a blog (earn money through advertising)

Love to write? Do you have expertise or knowledge in a marketable area or niche?

Then develop your own blog to get money online. There are a few free blogging platforms out there that allow you to establish a blog with little to no commitment upfront. All you need is some affordable web hosting and a domain name.

When we began our site, we signed up with Bluehost since their pricing and services are the most reasonable in the business, and you can have your blog up and running in the next few minutes for as little as $2.95 per month. This is special pricing for our readers, so be sure you click on the banner below.

However, immediately after developing our readership and the requirement for speed, we moved to WPX, which provided our website with the much-needed boost in Google rankings it deserved! WPX’s educated chat operators and dedication to prioritizing assistance for all customers won us over in no time. While website hosting with WPX may not be the cheapest on the market, it’s worth every cent and so much more!

There are various methods to generate money online by utilizing your blog. You may start by writing about a certain subject, displaying your knowledge, and then providing your consulting services or educational items for sale. If your material is solid, you should be able to interest some customers early on. If creating content is not your strong suit, check out these AI writing tools that assist novice and seasoned bloggers get over writer’s block and polish their work.

Once you manage to acquire a lot of visitors to your site, you may earn money by inserting advertisements using Google Adsense or If your visitors click on these advertisements, you will be compensated for that click. The price per click is fairly small, but it may build up to a good sum if you receive a lot of visitors.

2. Work as an affiliate marketer.

Another wonderful approach to earning money from blogging is to become an affiliate marketer. As an affiliate, firms will pay you to lead people to their items through recommendations on your blog or social platforms. If the redirected consumer purchases something, you receive a commission.

Once your site gets a substantial amount of traffic, you may sign up for affiliate programs in your field. You must have outstanding content to be accepted for many affiliate programs, so concentrate on developing that first.

3. Start a podcast

If you have always been told that you have a "radio voice’ or simply love to speak and interact with others, start a podcast to earn money in 2022.
Podcasts are gaining in popularity. There is no limit to the themes to pick from—there is an audience for everything. There is relatively minimal equipment required. You may start with your phone and a set of headphones. If you want a nice microphone, you may want to start with this highly rated microphone kit from Amazon.
Decide on the subject or concept for your podcast, then plan out at least the first 10 episodes and get started. Remember that to get on to Spotify, Apple, or Google, you’ll need a podcast host—we have shortlisted the best podcast hosting options (paid and free) to help you get started.
READY TO GET STARTED? Buzzsprout is our #1 choice for the best podcast hosting service. We love how easy it is to get set up and started with Buzzsprout as a new podcaster. You don’t have to be a technological specialist for it. Click here to get started today and receive a $20 Amazon gift card!

4. Establish yourself as an Instagram influencer.

Do you appreciate discussing your everyday activities, personal hobbies, and suggestions with friends and family? Not frightened of social media and a little criticism from the entire big world? If so, try becoming an Instagram influencer and earning money from sponsored posts while obtaining some free products from businesses for trial.
You will have to choose a niche and publish a ton of material consistently. Once you start generating traction, your social media following and the money may grow.

5. Start a YouTube channel

Lights, Camera, Action! All you need is a camera and some of that charm to become a star on Youtube. You may start a YouTube channel, publish videos on any topic of your interest, and get passive income dependent on the number of views on your videos.
YouTube is free, and so are videos that you publish on it. As long as your video receives 1000 views in three consecutive months and 4000 hours of total watch time from that thousand viewers, advertising will begin to appear before and after your video-the more views your flicks (and commercials) receive, the more money you receive.

6. Maintain social media accounts

Do you have a penchant for social media? Do you find yourself explaining to your friends how various social networks function? Do you have a good following? Do you know precisely which sort of posts attract interaction on Instagram vs. Twitter vs. TikTok, how to create a following, what hashtags to use, when the time of the day is optimal for publishing, etc.? Well, if you are a social media master, there are lots of small companies that are seeking to employ you!
Yes, you can earn money online by managing social media for small companies without spending anything. Sign up as a freelancer to write material, come up with captions, grow followers, handle sponsored advertisements, etc. You may specialize in a specialty like travel or cast your net wide. You may also choose to operate with just one or two social networks of your choosing.
You can learn by doing, or to get results faster, you can take online courses via Skillshare or Udemy to learn how to kickstart your business, obtain clients, create contracts, create a content calendar, learn social media management tools, etc. This solution will need some investment, however.
You can find social media manager postings as a freelancer on sites like Upwork, FlexJobs, Freelancer, and Fiverr.

7. Sign up for Swagbucks.

Swagbucks pays you for common tasks you already do online. You may obtain free gift cards and cash for taking surveys, evaluating goods and services, reviewing internet movies, etc. The payments are not big, but if you already do a lot of these things online, then why not be compensated for them?

Earn Money Back

Use applications that pay you cashback for purchasing like you normally do, including groceries, petrol, clothing, etc. There are various cashback reward programs, but two of the better ones are TopCashback and Rakuten (or eBates).
Download any one of the apps, submit your receipt if any of the things are featured on the app, and cash out. Each app offers cash back at thousands of retailers, many of which you almost certainly already shop at.

9. Download couponing apps.

Sign up for couponing applications like Ibotta, RetailMeNot, and ShopKick. Organize your household’s grocery list and make money.
For example, Ibotta allows you to cash out if your savings total hits $20.

10. Play video games.

Is this a dream? Play video games and earn money? Yes, but be cautioned that getting money from playing video games is not simple. As you can guess, there is a ton of competition, and only a chosen few are skilled enough to earn actual money from playing at the highest level.
Still, if you are skilled at it and want to generate a side income, you can be paid to test video games through BetaFamily or PlayTestCloud. For example, PlayTestCloud will test you with a qualifying test, and if you are approved, a 15-minute survey may pay $9.

11. Get paid to stay healthy.

Believe it or not, some apps will pay you to sign up and complete health and exercise programs. There are numerous to pick from—Download and sign up for one or more of Pact, Good Coins, Charity Miles, or AchieveMint.

12. Download, install, and keep these apps on your phone to earn money.

ShopTracker, Nielsen Mobile Panel, and MobileXpression are some of the apps that either reward you for just using your phone or taking part in research-based activities.

13. Offer expert advice (JustAnswer, LivePerson).

Are you an expert in a given field? For example, you played a fortnight professionally or worked as a golf teacher every summer. Sites like enable you to sign up as an expert and then be paid to answer questions or chat with individuals who have inquiries in your area of expertise.

14. Take surveys at Survey Junkie.

As we mentioned, taking surveys is one of the easiest ways to make money on this list. While Swagbucks is a top option, there are thousands of other sites out there that will pay you to answer surveys and provide your opinion.
Survey Junkie is one of the oldest and most reliable players in the industry. The pay rate is low at $1 to $3, but they do allow teenagers to make money by answering surveys. The minimum age to sign up for Survey Junkie is 13. You can cash out via PayPal once you have accumulated $10 in your account.

15. Volunteer as a product tester

If you want to test products like websites, apps, food, beauty brands, etc. before they’re released, there are plenty of companies who will pay you just for testing out their ideas. Look for sites like to sign up as a product tester.

16. Participate in a study or focus group

Get paid to offer your thoughts as part of a research or focus group. Current opportunities on LinkedIn are advertising a payment of $10 to $25 per survey.

17. Get $10 in Amazon credit for signing up for MyPoints.

MyPoints is an online rewards site and app where you may collect reward points for conducting surveys, purchasing online, viewing movies, etc. They give a bonus benefit for new members in the form of points equal to a $10 Amazon credit or $10 Visa credit if you spend $20 in the first 30 days of your membership. MyPoints features a vast choice of famous brands and shops that you may choose from. This is a technique to earn money online by paying for products you would have regularly bought anyhow. There are certain exclusions needed to obtain the bonus offer, so we urge that you read the terms and conditions.

Earn $10 for signing up for Rakuten.

Similar to MyPoints, Rakuten is a tremendously popular reward and cashback platform. Sign up as a new member by clicking here and get a $10 welcome bonus whenever you spend $25 before taxes on eligible products during the first 90 days of your membership. We suggest checking the list of qualified products for each store before you start shopping.

19. Earn referral credits by joining UberEats and referring friends.

You may earn referral incentives in 2 ways with UberEats:

If you presently drive for Uber, suggest a friend receive a bonus of $100–$1100, depending on your location, after your buddy completes a specific number of trips. In your driver's app, read up on the specific terms of the incentive for your city.
If you are an UberEats user, you may recommend that friends join UberEats. When your buddy places their first order, you both earn a bonus. To ensure your friends utilize your code, go into your profile on the UberEats app. Scroll to the bottom of the "invite a friend" banner. Copy your code and email it to your friends. If you are not presently an UberEats client,

20. Earn referral credits by joining DoorDash and referring friends.

Similar to Uber above, you may earn referral incentives by introducing friends to drive or order from DoorDash. Sign up here to see the terms and conditions for your city.

21. Register as an online juror.

You may have never thought about this, but just like everything else, attorneys are becoming digital! By becoming an online juror for simulated trials, you may now make money online without spending anything. To prepare for significant cases, attorneys conduct mock jury trials to examine the strength and weaknesses of their claims.
As an online juror, you will be taking part and offering your opinion on actual cases with genuine evidence and witnesses. It’s an intriguing job, for sure! For 20 to 60 minutes of your time, you may earn anywhere from $10 to $60 for each case.
If you have always wanted to be a part of Law & Order and other courtroom dramas, sign up as an online juror and make money online. Some sites that you can sign up on include Onlineverdict, JuryTalk, eJury, TrialJuries, and many more.

 22. Get paid to do online research

An online researcher uses their internet talents to study and deliver answers and data for customers. Research tasks might be in any specialty or business and could entail looking for data, statistics, insights, trends, etc.
You may use regular freelancing websites like Freelancer, Fiverr, and Upwork to hunt for posts. There are also specific sites where you may find research work. StudyPool is a platform where you can answer students' course material-related questions. JustAnswer is a similar service, but you need to show competence in a given sector to be admitted. ClickWorker is another one you can try out.
As a freelance researcher, expect to earn anywhere from $10 to $20 per hour, depending on your experience.

23. Teach a language online.

There are many options to teach English or another language online. Most demand a bachelor's degree and some professional teaching experience.
If you are not there yet, you might check out Preply, which does not mention any necessary requirements to teach. Besides English, you may teach Spanish, French, German, Arabic, etc., if you have the expertise.
Italki is another site where you just need to be a native speaker or be fluent in a language to teach basic classes. There are plenty of language options to choose from, and you can set your own rates (minimums apply).
Verbalplanet and Justlearn are other similar sites to teach languages online without any strict qualification requirements.


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