Most people still associate YouTube with cat videos, popular memes, and user-generated content. In truth, there is a hidden community of YouTube users who are monetizing their talent by creating

large fan bases and building lifestyles according to their own terms.

Karina Garcia, also known as "the internet's slime," was profiled by CNBC.

Queen. The twenty-three-year-old turned posting DIY slime videos on YouTube from a side hobby into a full-time job in less than three years.

and rose from being a waitress to earning millions. Although her tale might have

It used to seem absurd, but now it's quite normal.

What if you had revealed your desire to your family and friends ten years ago?

to support themselves as YouTube creators. Most likely, you would have

"Why don't you get a real job," he was questioned. There is no argument right now. Having a

An actual job is a YouTube creator. Considering that YouTube brought around $19.7 billion in

income in 2020, with almost half of the money going to the

areas where regular individuals like you contribute movies to the


A SignalFire post claims that becoming a YouTube creator has "gotten more of a

the small company sector with the fastest growth. many hundred thousand channels

are making seven-figure salaries, but fresh information indicates that over a million people

make six figures annually. Many more people make five figures. These are all

In the next years, numbers are anticipated to double.

Ad money is only one of the ways YouTube artists get paid, by the way

paying for their material. We'll discuss a lot more strategies later on in this book.

You may earn money by watching videos online. This is a revolution. You could be

I'm only learning about it, but this is a really genuine opportunity.

The everyday individual from all areas of life is learning about the power

of gaining respect, earning money, and having a significant effect

by producing videos for YouTube based on their interests, passions, and

professional vocations

Cooking is Laura Vitale's love, and she has always wanted to publish a book.

cookbook. Her YouTube account was launched soon after she left a

working at a restaurant and recording films in her kitchen with her spouse. Ten

Years later, she had developed her channel to the point that she was offered a

a regular host's job on Food Network and landed her a book contract.

cookbook. She has now become a popular author, mostly as a result of collecting 3.8

a million followers to her channel, making her one of the most popular

prominent figures in the food industry on the site.

A dedicated gardener named John Kohler has one of the most popular

YouTube gardening programs like Growing Your Greens. His first video

filmed in one take, wasn't in high resolution, and wasn't posted until 2009

Despite the fact that he wasn't even in the picture, he was clearly passionate about

gardening. After 1500 videos, there are now over 100,000,000

With eight hundred thousand members and views, he is more knowledgeable about

video, but more significantly, he is growing his core audience via his channel.

Juicing equipment sales are a business.

Then there is the father of four Glen Henry, also known as "Beleaf in Fatherhood."

who began publishing vlogs about his parenting adventure with his kids.

After many years of effort, his devotion to constancy on YouTube has paid off.

and ongoing education was profitable. He had the chance to collaborate with Dove.

He appeared in the Apple TV+ original movie Dads and the Men+Care series.

superstars like Neil Patrick Harris and Will Smith.

He has employed a team and developed a significant company and brand via YouTube.

a group to assist him in his objective to empower dads, provide hope for moms, and

instilling children And it all began with slapping dread across the face and squeezing

using his smartphone to capture

Not everyone will get rich on YouTube, we assert. For

That may not even be the goal for some folks. The intriguing part is how

People are leveraging their interests and hobbies to produce by combining them.

raise some money for communities, interact with like-minded individuals, and

their family and themselves.

This is best shown by Heather Torres. a mom of three who homeschools

She launched a homeschooling channel for her children to provide advice to other parents.

When she posted videos in her leisure time for a year, her channel reached over

almost a million times have seen her videos, and she has 18,000 subscribers.

1,000,000 times. She has thus established a side business to support her family and

presented several opportunities.

You may be thinking, "These guys had a head start. It's already too late.

It's busy and excessively competitive on YouTube. That's just not true.

a fact. Numerous instances of artists from all origins, ages, and

Many tribes from several nations have constructed

YouTube channels that are lucrative and successful.

The most popular website on the internet in 2020 was YouTube!

There is a sizable audience seeking new content producers. That

suggests that right now is an excellent moment to begin. Don't wait any longer to do it.

You may also presume that all of these popular YouTubers have

startup capital. Perhaps you don't have enough money to purchase the sort of pricey

equipment used to produce quality TV programs. It's wonderful news that

None of it is required of you. everything you need to create intriguing

Currently, you carry around YouTube material on your smartphone.

an apparatus capable of producing and uploading high-definition (HD), even 4K, video.

Some individuals worry that they lack the talent to produce high-quality work. YouTube

On YouTube, the material is more important than skill, however. Things

like zeal, enthusiasm, amusement, knowledge, education, and responding

Questions from individuals are far more significant. The most popular creators

aren't as skilled as Hollywood stars in their own fields. Actually, a lot of

Despite being introverts in everyday life, they are passionate about the subject.

they produce. That is YouTube's true secret. If you have enough passion

You're prepared to assist others and enthusiastic enough to maintain their attention.

Successful YouTube influencers are regular people who are

possess a certain level of competence or understanding of something, and

Whether it is tidying a house, practicing one's beliefs, or exercising. any kind of

Without the requirement for flair, a passion or pastime might become worthwhile material.

editing or a very skilled creator.
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